Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Bijt Hond

By coincidence, a month a go one of the gals who works at my gym told me she got a phone call from a Popular nightly Belgian television show that airs after the nightly news. They were looking to do a segment on a woman who has done bodybuilding. Unbeknownst to me, this is not so easy to find here. Of course the woman at the gym mentioned me as I am the only woman lifting intensely and regularly there. However, she warned them "But she is American, moved here a year and a half ago". They seemed interested to talk so she gave me their contacts.

First thing I wanted them to know was even though "Ik ben aan het Vlaams leren, maar ik ben nog niet klaar voor praten op de televisie!"...In other words, I am learning to speak Flemish but I'm not ready for a TV interview! After she explained the format they intended to use, it would not be a problem. This particular segment would be a photo journal with me narrating. They would use Dutch subtitles as well..She sent me some examples and I was impressed.

So I gave her a brief overview of my athletic and non athletic past. She was sure whe wanted to proceed and after clearing it with her superiors (about the American thing etc.) she got the red light.

We made an appointment to meet and in the meantime I searched high and low for photos documenting my journey.. Fortunately I have many. I also gave some thought to what I wanted to convey as my story is not so "normal".

The day arrived and a the young journalist and I looked through my photos as I gave her the history and she took a large stack and put them in her briefcase. Then we sat down, she turned on her microphone and I began to tell my story.. This lasted about an hour and she interjected with a question or 2. It seemed to go ok.

Now I was curious to see how all 51 years could be condensed into 4 minutes!! I even gave her the abbreviated version...

Nonetheless, It came out ok. The details may not all be there but the message is overall a good one..

So here is the link if you care to view!

May you all live your dreams and appreciate each moment!!


  1. that is 51 years in 4 minutes! oops

  2. By chance I did see the story about you on Man Bijt Hond and I was overwhelmed by it and inspired by your strength. Just found the link to your blog via Christine V...
    Good luck and more power to you!